Plastic Is Not Cool

first created by Sophie Media Ltd as a nonprofit art exhibition in 2016, aims to raise public awareness about global health and environmental issues caused by single-use plastics through theater play, comprehensive art exhibitions, animations, games, campus activities, comic books, international communication, and other forms, in hopes of promoting better solutions and lifestyles , and calls for more environmental actions to fight against the single-use plastics.


The "Plastic is NOT Cool” platform was created in 2016 by Wouter Dierickx and Ling Qi, Director and CEO, respectively, of Sophie Media Ltd. and Sophie Animation Ltd. Together, they called for better life-styles through the positive awareness of our environment. This includes eliminating single-use plastic from your life.

So far, the campaign has sparked good reactions from China’s national press, local governments within our country, the Belgian government, and local European governments; Canada is also participating by echoing a similar message on concern.


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The director Wouter Dierickx and CEO Ling Qi of Sophie Media. ltd. talk about new energy